Monday, December 1, 2014

I know this is a crazy thing to post a picture of...

But today is December 1st, and this is a picture of my lower half and these are size 14 jeans and I just wanted a picture for a "record". Crazy, I know but I am just curious how long it will take for me to get these bad boys on. We'll see. My hope, it will be January 1, but that will mean a lot of sit ups and I don't do sit ups. Ha!Ha! I guess I better get busy.

On another note, I hate to be a bit whiner but it snowed the other day and it has totally messed up my walking. I went yesterday but I did 2.38 miles. Today I did 3.25 miles but it wasn't my usual fast paced walking because I was too busy trying not to break my neck on black ice. I went because I needed to keep going even though it was 29 degrees outside and scary every other step. I have to keep going. We (as in my my hubby and me) got a weight bench yesterday which is exciting. That is going to allow me to add a whole new addition to my workouts. I just need to figure out a plan.

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