Sunday, December 7, 2014

Holidays and Hurried Days

Tis the season to be so busy and I am doing my best to not feel overwhelmed. I love this time of year but it is so different. I am anxious for the arrival of my daughter as she returns from her first semester away from home at college. I am trying to balance babysitting my grandbaby, and playing cab to kids and getting them where they need to go. In the midst of all that it is darker earlier so making sure I get my walk in becomes a challenge but I get out there but not like I want to. I want the time to walk those 5 milers whenever I want and with days like they are lately, there just isn't the time. Last week when it snowed I was getting so frustrated because as beautiful as it was it was interfering with what I wanted to be doing. I walked in it but it wasn't how or what I wanted. I didn't feel in control. I felt as though I could fall on my face at any moment, or vulnerable. This week will be a week that will feel like I am spiraling and I am going to have to hang on. I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for my daughter. My eldest is getting her wisdom teeth removed so that means babysitting an adult child. I have a 5K to get ready for on Sunday and I am not finished with all the stuff I need to do for Christmas. Lots of "hurried days" this week. Hopefully, I will stay the course and find plenty of time in there for me. My goals haven't change and I have continued to keep on with what I have set my heart on. I don't plan on changing plans now.

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