Wednesday, December 17, 2014

66 Pounds Away....

205.6 today. 66 down and many more to go but definitely less ahead than behind me now. It has been such a busy week. I had a great weekend as I completed my first 5K at the Seattle Jingle Bell Walk/Run on Sunday. That was so fun and I did it to honor a dear friend whom I have watched suffer with RA. When she couldn't go any further, her 9 year old daughter and I continued on. I told her little girl that she was doing this for her Mom. It was pretty cool to get to the finish line and remind her that she just walked this for her. After walking the 5K, I decided that I need to push myself harder and perhaps try running again...probably for the umpteenth time so I downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone and started it on Monday. My first day was not a huge success as I spent most of my time holding up my pants that were sliding off of me while I was running. Those are no longer going to be worn and will be donated. Today was my second day and it was another interesting day. I found my boobs popped out of my sports bra while running but I wasn't going to stop and fix them so I kept on. I also noticed something in the shoe I have been wearing all day. It wasn't until I got home that I took off my shoe to find a big piece of cardboard with a staple in it. It is as if someone is conspiring against me. I ran anyway...only missed one prompt to run because it was uphill and honestly I just couldn't do it but otherwise it was a good jaunt out today. I told my husband that I have got to work all these "costume changes" out before hand. Make sure my bra and pants fit and there is nothing in my shoes, oh and they are tied tight enough (another problem) before I go. I also went to the Dr. who has been working with me on my bladder issues and I am going to have to be on a special elimination diet for 4 weeks that is going to be really strict and cuts out a lot of things I enjoy. I eat really healthy but this is really going to be crazy for me. Oh well, if it helps the problem and we can figure out what is bothering me...then it's worth it I guess.

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