Sunday, December 21, 2014


I can't believe I have gotten in to the spirit of things and actually baked and baked! I still have peanut butter balls to coat in white chocolate and chocolate, and pretzel rods to dip. I realize that even though I am not partaking in these delights, I still need to keep up with the holiday traditions. The kids have enjoyed having the cookies around to munch on too. That makes me happy. It has been a good and weird week. I had a Dr.'s appointment early in the week and he suspects I have something called "IC" which is a bladder issue. So I have been put on an "IC elimination diet" for 4 weeks. It sucks. Once my bladder is calmed down then we will add things bad to see what it is that is causing the issue. I have a feeling it is going to be chocolate, artificial sweeteners, coffee and anything else that I really love. I will deal with it though if it gets rid of the bladder issues. Friday, I took my daughters shopping and for grins I went in to Victoria Secret to find out what size bras they carry. One of the associates there talked me in to a "fitting" and I was stunned to see I can wear Victoria Secret bra. STUNNED!!!! Then I went in to the GAP and tried on a size 14 pair of jeans and they fit. Of course I shouldn't have been too shocked because I was wearing a pair of size 14 pants to begin with. Things are going well. I have this way I measure my progress and it is silly but it kind of goes like...I know I have lost more weight because they finally use the regular blood pressure cuff on me. I can now wrap a towel around myself completely with no gaps. These are some little things but they are HUGE victories! GIANT ones. Tonight I did something that I haven't done since living here. I went for a night time walk. The day caught up with me and I needed to walk so I put on my reflective vest, and my headlamp, and grabbed a flashlight and went out. It was really calm and peaceful and I am so glad I went. What a difference it makes and to go without headphones and music and just listen to the world around me. It was amazing. I continue to feel so blessed. I find strength from places I didn't know I had it and it comes from above. My family is a huge love and support for me. I am motivated by my desire to overcome my own personal obstacles that have tripped me up in the past and a heartfelt desire to be healthy and capable of enjoying any activity.

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