Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

*The scale was moved finally....101.4 I was starting to get frustrated....sigh....(wipes brow)

*I can say here since this is my "own private Idaho".....I am sorry Michael Jackson I would be when anyone loses their life but I am so tired of it being the only thing they seem to talk about in the news. I liked his music "back then" but he had his "hey day" and never could seem to get his crap together and lived a weird life and now he is idolized in his death. Look at me...I am even giving him a few lines on my blog....ICK!

*I revealed some big things to important people in my life this week! I was brave! I am proud of that!

*Here's a reminder to myself and to all...."LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH NO REGRETS!" I have seriously decided that I am there....finally....ready to live. I am going to teach my children to leap out and dance into their life and live it to the fullest. I do not want them to ever look back and say... I am full of regret. I have a lot of regrets. I regret that I let myself be so guided and molded by guilt. There is so much good in the world....there really much to be do. I have been blessed with amazing, honest...happy kids. I hope that we have instilled in them enough goodness that they can navigate and make good choices when faced with them. I trust them....I believe in them....I honor them by saying....LIVE YOUR LIFE AND MAKE IT GOOD....SO YOU HAVE NO REGRETS!

*I don't know what that long walk did to me...but ever since I have been two things...hungry and tired. What is up with that?

*Lastly...I hate putting a child on a plane to send him/her away to see another figure who has some genetic link that makes it a legal requirement that this said travel take place. I watched that plane's wheels lift off the ground yesterday and my heart lifted out of my chest with it. It's very hard to ever find acceptance of such a situation and share but somehow there is no choice and you do what have to do.

Off to make a healthy meal for the family.

Selfish Lady Sends...

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