Friday, July 17, 2009

Officially Registered! This is HUGE for me.

First, there are some silly pictures! I have changed so much! It's hard to believe that's really me! I love my niece. She brought me a ton of clothes that she is too skinny for but they fit me perfectly. Now I have the cutest jeans and tops and some of the "hottest" heels. I have just to learn how to walk in them. (giggle!)

Today was opening day for registering for the Chevron Marathon/Aramco Half Marathon. I have been waiting for today and it's here and like a kid at Christmas...I got to register myself for something that I am so looking forward to in January 2010. I will be walking my first half marathon. No, I am not running it. I am not "there" yet. I have no doubt that I will be...but I am not this year...I joking say...maybe 2011, I will run the half, then 2012...I will run the full and then who knows....after than...maybe the Boston. Ha!Ha! I say that jokingly but half serious as well. I believe now anything is possible and for me the sky is the limit. I can do anything I put my heart in.
When I was filling out the online asked me a name to put on my "bib". At first I was thinking of putting something that is so familiar that I use all the time like "kentsgirl" or "jagjaglee" but then I decided all those things though catchy and sentimental....are not just me and me alone....and this is ONE time...I just want to be me. I love my sweet husband with all my heart...don't get me wrong on that... but this time I just want to be out there and just be me! I am going to be selfish...but I want to cross that finish line as Amy Lee # whatever they assign me! :)

108.2 Today

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Teri said...

I just showed Bill your picture for the first time. I didn't tell him who he was looking at, just said "come here and look at this". When he saw your picture, he said "Who's that?". I said "Amy Lee". He was silent for a minute, then leaned in for a closer look and said "that doesn't look like her at all. Amazing!"

You're awesome Amy!