Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is going to be THE week!

I tearfully type that because I know THIS is my week. I am going to the gym in a little while and I kind of feel like the "Biggest Loser" going to the last chance workout out before the big weigh in. The scale has been stuck for a couple of days...as it tends to do every 2-3 weeks for me and then BOOM, I will see a big drop. I know that drop is coming around the pike and it will set me below my 200. I got on there this morning and I am getting so close....I have no doubt it's going to happen this week. That thought takes my breath away and makes me so proud. It is really hard to put it in to words so I won't try to because the just don't touch the magnitude. You go from feeling such profound pain for so long to releasing that and embracing such pride...This is when I am reminded that I am a daughter of God and he loves me and HE has strengthened me. I am so thankful for my family. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate them. I have a dry erase board in the kitchen where I write things down and I always have my weight loss so far written down there and they watch that number and see if it's changed. When it does they just cheer for me. Every one of the does it and it makes me really feel like this has been important for them to see. My sweet husband likes to pick at me but then he is probably my biggest fan. I know I spend so much time focused on me, I spend a lot of $ on high fiber this and that but you can't argue with the results and he doesn't. :) I'm a lucky girl!

Last night I experimented with something and I thought it was tasty. It was tough but tasty...ha!ha! Venison to me is always tough...I am not the master when it comes to game meats...Leese...Holly, someone...educate me. LOL Anyway, I made a marinade with strawberry balsamic, olive oil, course ground mustard, garlic, cracked pepper, kosher salt and then herbs from my garden. (thyme, rosemary and parsley) I marinated some backstrap tenderloins for about 4 hours in that. Then I threaded those on to rosemary stalks and grilled them and they were tasty...just chewy. I ate that with grilled yellow squash and grilled red peppers and then some awesome Kashi rice I found. It's a high protein, high fiber rice that is already cooked. It was a fiesta blend and it was 8 grams of proteins and then 7 grams of fiber in a serving. Of course a serving is 1 cup and that is 210 calories so NO, I didn't eat that much, I ate 1/4 cup of it. But it was really good though. I did use 1/2 a cup of it this morning though and believe it or not....cooked it with a tsp of olive oil and then mixed in 1/3 cup of my egg beaters and cooked them together for breakfast. I had 2 cubes of watermelon and 8 oz of milk, so that was breakfast.
So it was a super good breakfast and power packed for my big workout at the gym this morning.

We bought another basil plant to put in the garden. One just isn't enough. This year was a trial/error thing with gardening. We are going to do a winter one so we'll learn from out mistakes and get better and better at it. We have also started a compost box...it is so fun to have something to toodle around with in the back yard. Kent was saying how fun it will soon be to teach Justin to go out and pick the green peas off the vine and eat them. Of course if he does that there won't be any left to cook for a meal...LOL I just can't wait until those pumpkins actually look like pumpkins...he is going to have a fit over those and of course they are going to over-run the back yard and we are going to have to figure out how to keep them from taking over the other plants.

Oh well, enough blogging....must get on with my day....much to do..

Have a great one.

Selfish lady sends.....

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You are so committed.. you encourage me..
God bless