Saturday, May 2, 2009

I must be feeling brave

Because I am willing to post a new picture of me in my new bathing suit no less! Ha! Ha!

Check out my garden! It is growing like crazy. We are so looking forward to eating out of it soon. I have made some pesto twice from my basil and parsley and had a few cherry tomatoes but won't be long and my yellow squash will be ready and I am going to have an abundance of tomatoes. I have cucumber flowers, my bell peppers are coming in, I have egg plant flowers, my green beans are growing, and the thing that makes me laugh is the pumpkin plant...the flowers on that are going nuts. I did that for fun for the kids...and well, I don't know how long it takes to grow jackolanterns but well, we are going to have a bunch by the looks of it.

I went to my Zumba class again and it was a butt kicker and I loved it. What an amazing workout. My heart rate was up to 180 at one point which is TOO high actually....175 is 96% for that's high. I was sweating and smiling so it was awesome. I am sure I'll do that class a couple of times a week for my cardio. I'll be doing the weight training 3 times a week, arms one day, legs another and then abs/core on the other.

Now, I got some excellent news yesterday which thrilled me to no end. I met with my trainer and we did my body "age" which is a computerized program. They put me through a series of tests and checked my physical strength, stretching ability, and then my body fat, weight, height, put that with a whole series of other information like my medical cholesterol numbers, blood pressure, etc....and they gave me my new "goal". My trainer had said that she'd like to see me at a body fat % of 25 and that would have my ideal weight 174, if I get it down to 20%, it'll be more like 163. This is what the computer models say is the ideal weight given all my measurements, and all those factors figured in. What is so cool is that means....that once I break 200, I am 25-35 pounds from my goal. 200 is just a breath away. So I am thrilled. I feel like I would like to shoot for the 20% body fat as 157 was my original goal so that is what I am setting my site on. Once I get there, then I will re-evaluate and set a new goal. I may be interested in weight training to really define and shape my body. One step at a time though...that will come after I reach my goal, have my tummy tuck and take a good look at what I have to work with.


Leese Shines said...

Looking good AMY !!!

Melissa said...

Wow, you look great!

hoLLy said...

sexy lady! :) bow chick a wowow. i have the same vegetables/herbs growing in my garden too. right on!