Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Journey Of A Lifetime

That is what this feels like it has been. I don't know what all the other attempts were before but this one has finally been that final journey....the one that will last.

Any other time I avoided talking to people about the changes they saw in I don't mind sharing with them the hows and why I have done this. There is no big magic secret to's common sense really. The key for me has been to not give up and to hang on. There is something to be said for having faith in yourself. It's okay to really love yourself and believe that you can do something. Once upon a time I thought it was a big "No-No" to have that kind of confidence in my abilities...and now I know differently.

Lately I have been incredibly tired. I hadn't been able to figure out exactly why. I have also been struggling with dizziness. There have been times while on the treadmill or elliptical I worry that I might pass out and fortunately I haven't. I have put off going to the Dr. because that always seems to snowball when I go thing leads to another and so on. Two weeks ago I went in for a routine cholesterol screen and liver screen and I guess she screened my thyroid. I got a call that my liver was great...cholesterol great (though HDL is not great and I suppose will never be thanks to my "gene pool") but that my thyroid test came back low. Dr. wanted me to do a retest. I thought it was odd and "out of the blue" but I went back and did the blood work again and it came back low again. So in my research....I found that fatigue and dizziness can be symptoms of low thyroid...especially the fatigue. We are talking "run over by a MACK truck" here. The Dr. put my on a low dose of thyroid meds and I go to see her in a couple of weeks. I have to say that I already feel a lot better. I am not 100% but it's so much better. For as well as I eat, and as great as I am about getting my exercise in...I should feel so good. I am hoping that will come eventually.

I am down 93 pounds now. I told my hubby that I am not sure where I will settle as far as a number goes with my weight. I figure I am looking at another 35 pounds or so. My focus is going to change here in a bit and shift over to body fat percentage as I decide just how much of that I would like to have on me. What a change, huh? The more I work out at the gym and I learn about muscle, metabolism...and what a beautiful machine the body is...the more I think I want to help mine operate at it's peak performance. Maintaining a good lean muscle mass to fat mass will help the metabolism and I know I will look and feel my best. This will also put me in the best form for when I finally get my tummy tuck and perhaps I won't have to have such a drastic procedure done then.

It's funny to me how my life has changed...I have changed. Just when I think I have "me" all figured out...I learn at 43 years old that I am not the girl I thought I was. I am stronger, better, and more in control. I look forward to a longer, healthier life with those I love and I am filled with hope for a super bright future. I am renewed.

Selfish Lady Sends.....


hoLLy said...

you are such an inspiration! and you just look fabulous. i am wowed thats all i can say! you go girl! :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

I am a 43 year old woman that has over 100 lbs to lose. Reading your post made me cry and open my eyes.
Thank you.