Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost 90 Pounds...

I can hardly believe that.

My sweet husband was telling me how different I am last night. I told him that it's so much more than weight. I feel like I have let go of so much...like I have taken off a cloak of many things that I can finally let go of.

Today Justin and I went on a long walk and I was filled with emotion...I often get that way. This has been such a journey of me...and finding myself.....losing my old self too. It feels good. That is what feels so permanent now because of what has happened in my heart and head instead of counting carrots, carbs and how many oz of water I drink. I am glad I went about this differently finally. I woke up...doing it that way NEVER worked for me....because it never was about that stuff so much as it was more about "WHY" I was doing what I was doing. That is where all the effort has been this time...while I am walking, walking, walking....my wheels have been turning...and I have been working on me. As I have been blogging I have been revealing pieces of "me". I have been chipping away at it....and this much smaller, much more confident woman has emerged who is not crippled by the events of my life or mistakes I have made in the past. I am strong...and so capable. If I can conquer this...well, I feel unstoppable.

Selfish lady sends.

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