Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh What A Feeling...Dancing Until Your Beet Red..

And that feels great. I went to a "Zumba" class yesterday at the gym. I have always wanted to take one...I have always been a dancy dance kind of girl with rhythm and I knew I would love it. I was not disappointed. What a work out and so much fun. It was awesome and I could become so addicted to that.

I go back to the gym this morning to meet again with my trainer to go over the core and upper body workouts and do a "body age" test and get an idea what my goal weight should be. When I got on the scale for her she said she understood why I was confused as to why I am uneasy about knowing what my goal should be. She said she would have not guessed that I weighed more than 170. I have always carried weight there is such a thing and so I haven't looked like I weighed as much as I did. I have a big frame, heavy structure so it's hard to gauge what I "should" weigh.

Justin loves going to the gym. He loves playing with new friends and I have noticed the last two nights he is tired and ready for bed. He has actually gone to bed early with no troubles at all. So it's been a good thing for him.

Now, I have to find a balance. After today I will have a program....I'll know the whole routine that the trainer wants me to use with the equipment, how often, etc. My personal goal is to be able to set aside the time each day to do this...get it done and then proceed with the rest of my day and accomplish the things that I need to as a wife and mother. This "selfish lady" has been consumed and I need to be....I have been so focused on me and all of this.... and then I get distracted by things I would rather be doing like playing on the computer and I neglect the stuff that I am not that fond of doing like laundry....dishes....vacuuming....I am sure you all know the drill. My goal now is to work on this balance....blending it all together. I hate feeling overwhelmed and focusing on one thing seems to help me not feel that way but I have to reach out some. Fortunately I have older kids who are capable of doing their part....I just need to work on my parenting skills and get them to do it as we go....instead of blowing up when it's gotten beyond control. Aren't they supposed to read our minds? Aren't they supposed to know if they make a mess they should clean it up? LOL Oh well, baby steps....maybe I will be the perfect parent by the time I am finished raising wait.... I am #4 in my family and I have heard are never done raising them.

Off to the gym...

Selfish Lady sends........ Have a great day!

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