Thursday, October 1, 2015

An early post but today is Day #17...

I am about to head my son out the door to school so this post will soon be interrupted. I can't believe I didn't post on Day #15 or #16 but quite honestly life happens. I have been busy as my grand baby has been staying with her other grandparents so taking advantage of the time I have to get things done and catch up around my house. I have also been pretty active on a FB forum for first time Whole30 Newcomers. It is hard to believe that I am on the downward slope of this first 30 days but honestly I don't see myself doing a re intro right away on day 31. I think I may keep going for a while. The reason... I feel really good and I don't crave sugar and I don't crave salty snacks or snacks period AND I keep looking inward and thinking about the WHYS in regards to food. I was walking the other day and I was asking myself what I can do in replacement of eating when I am stressed. There needs to be something we do to replace a binge when we feel stressed instead of bad behavior like downing a bag of chips, buttered crackers or cookies or whatever the sweet spot is...when need to have something that we do that replaces that behavior. This HUGE time out from those sweets, carbohydrates and snacks (even licking fingers when preparing a lunch for a kiddo) has really given me a huge boost and time to reflect. I actually feel less stressed which makes me wonder...does sugar contribute to stress? When I think I NEED chocolate is it actually the opposite? So that is why I am seriously considering taking a break and doing this feels really good. It is not as hard as I thought it would be to go without some things like dairy or grains or beans. I figure my way around it. I accommodate my families meals. I get creative with my meals and I eat this amazing assortment of vegetables and they are beautiful. I love not counting calories but just knowing that if I eat these 3 meals a day with good protein, beautiful vegetables, healthy fat and some fruit I am good. It is pure, it is clean and I am the power behind it. I don't like the dishes but I appreciate cooking in large batches and having plenty of leftovers to make future meals for myself. It honestly is not that hard. I feel physically like I am seeing some changes. I have been good and stayed off the scale as I should. My face is looking thinner and I feel like my shoulders are thinner. My waist also feels like it is slimming down. Do my jeans feel, not really but that will come. 17 days is not really that long to expect miracles but I am giving it time. Having the opportunity to get some good, long walks in has been awesome. I will do another 5 today. I have walked 3 out of the 4 days she has been away and she comes home tomorrow. She will be here for 10 days before they keep her again. She and I will have to do our walks with the stroller. It is hard to do 5 milers with her because she doesn't like sitting for that long in the stroller. Some of my walks may be evening walks after her Mommy is home from work. Those walks are nice but a little scary. I deck out in my reflective vest, headlamp and flash light but some cars aren't very gracious and graze me which is frustrating but I carry on. I made my reservations for February to go to Texas for my Daddy's 80th birthday and during that week I will turn 50 as well. My goal back in July of 2014 was to be below 200 by the time I turned 50 but I did that quite a long time ago. I gained some of the weight I lost back but I am still below 200 so I have been trying to think of a goal for myself for my 50th. Part of me doesn't want this to be about weight but the other part of me is so motivated by goals...they really help me out a lot. I think if I were to set a goal for 50, I would say that I would love to be 180 by my 50th birthday but learn to stay there from now on. I just want to be a size 12. I am a size 12 now but I want to be a loose fitting, pick up any size 12 in the world and it fits kinda gal. Size 12 is the perfect size for me and I am so happy and comfortable there...truly. So setting a goal for my 50th birthday which is February 16, 2016, I would like to weigh 180 and just keep it there. It doesn't have to be less.... right there will be perfect. One other goal....will be to keep matter what. Last year I walked in the snow, the freezing rain, when the ground was frozen...I walked. I need to walk. I can't let anything or any little one keep me from taking care of me because by taking care of me I will be so much better at taking care of her and everyone else. excuse....there is always...time. It may be awkward and dark and colder but I have have the equipment and I have a wonderful support I need to walk at least 4 times a week. It saves really does. I get so depressed and walking is my councilor. I am disappointed because I have half marathon that I am registered for on Oct. 11 but I am not going to do it because I know I am not ready for it. I have done a half marathon before and I know what it takes. I have all the heart and I could probably complete it but it would wreck my feet. Recently I lost a toenail after doing 10 miles and then even more recently I got a huge blister after doing about 4 miles. I need to train more and be more prepared for a half and there will be another in my future. This is just isn't the time. It's a shame. There is a Jingle Bell Run which is a 5K in December I will do with my son, and I will find other 5K's but a half will probably wait for spring when I am more physically fit and my feet are in better shape. Long post for Day #17. #15 and #16 were great days and I ate well. I am going to go make a yummy breakfast, go for a good walk and then go to Trader Joe's and get some vegetables and other goodies. There is a Buffalo Chicken and Sweet Potato Casserole I would like to try. My family may totally gag but I have to try some of these things on them. Who knows they may really like it. Wouldn't it be funny if I could change them over to a paleo diet? My husband would have to give up his sweet tea, coke and my son his Dr. Pepper. I believe my daughter's probably would be on board. My 9 year old would be a wrestle. A Mom can try...right? Well.....onward with the day I go. If you have made it this far...bless you. I hope you have an amazing day. Including today....13 days to go and then I can check my progress. From there we'll see where I go.

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