Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day #22...sorry I missed a few but I am still with it...

I thought I would be on here every day but this takes a lot of work and once my sweet grand baby came back things for me came to a screeching halt with regards to having time to sit and blog. I have a moment this morning while she is still sleeping so I am taking advantage. I can't believe I am on day #22. I feel better today but day #19,#20 and #21 I was really feeling tired and not in the mood to eat as in not much of an appetite. Hopefully today will be a big turnaround. I have been powering through it, getting things done around the house, trying to clean and get rid of stuff all the while the princess makes messes in her path. ha!ha! I told my husband it would be so nice to have a house keeper (which would be a dream) but what a waste it would be because just hours later wouldn't be able to tell they had been there. Just venting. No Big Deal. Ho hum! Anyhooo....Took a 5+ mile walk last night in the dark just to unwind and get some exercise. I needed it but it made sleep difficult last night. Weird dreams and waking up a lot was the trade off. I was reading something today which made me think...more so for some reason as I was putting the oreos in my son's lunch. We truly are responsible for so much of what happens with our bodies and we have control. I have learned I won't curl up and blow away without sugar or dairy or gasp...wheat, and grains and beans, rice...etc. That stuff isn't the devil but I don't have to have it. I have 9 days left including today so planning my strategy for what comes next and I am not sure that I am ready to add those items back in. Then there is another part of me that wonders if really researching a paleo diet would be could so I could replace more processed items in my cupboard for my family (like oreos) would be a good idea. Then they can "have their cake and eat it too". I think that is a ways off and for now I will focus on me and work on my relationship with food and ease in to that because making paleo muffins and bread could trigger old habits that I am not ready to fight but I do at some point want to mesh more of what I am eating with what my family eats so there is not such a great disconnect.

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