Friday, October 16, 2015

Today is Day #32...but actually I am not really counting...sorta....

I didn't post yesterday. I guess I should have but in a small way I wanted it to feel like a regular day. Regular day for me in my new way of living a healthier life you might say. They only thing that was different was because it was my Day #31 I got on the scale to see the results of living the Whole30 program and I was pleased at the loss of 9 pounds. I actually think I am suprised but I'll take it. I didn't expect more...perhaps less. My grandbaby went with other Grandparents for a couple weeks on Wednesday and so that allowed me yesterday to take a really nice long 5 mile walk and then get a ton of stuff done around the house. This morning I dropped the car off at the shop, and walk home but took a huge detour and got another 7 mile walk in. I need to plan my weekend so I can prep food for the week, shop and take advantage of the opportunity to be free to get some things done around the house that I normally can't. I even started on the pillow shams to match the quilt my Mom made for me for my birthday which isn't until February but she gave it to me early. I feel really good. This morning I had a great breakfast of fried eggs, on zuccini and sweet potato fritters and a banana with coconut cream in my coffee. It got me 7 miles. :) While I was walking I was thinking about a small shift I know that I will probably need to make in the Spring when we get closer to our big cross country move. It is nice to take that time while walking to think about clever ways I can eat healthy and clean while traveling and staying hotels, and with family for a short time. I may need to add some things in a reintro just so I have a few options AND so I don't get sick if I don't have any choices and try something while traveling. We'll see. Just starting to think ahead. My brain is already in move mode.

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