Saturday, October 24, 2015

R2D10 -40 days now and going strong.

I meant to blog more this round but I have been busy since I have lots of free time without the grand baby to keep me running. I have been taking advantage of the opportunity to get lots of walks in and catch up on housework and working on some quilting that I am attempting. I don't know if during a second round if one is susceptible to the carb flu but the last couple of days I have been a little sluggish and throwing together quick meals for myself. They have been compliant but not the nice, full and fancy meals I have done in the past because I think I have been tired and bored. Last night I decided I really needed to overcome that and get in the kitchen and do some food prep so I could make some better meals for myself. I roasted sweet potatoes and some rainbow carrots. I pressure cooked a spaghetti squash and then pressure cooked a bag of kale with some prosciutto. I crisped up some prosciutto and I cooked a pan of mushrooms and mixed peppers in ghee. I also made some mayo. It was so satisfying putting away these neat containers in the fridge knowing that I can grab what I need and mix with a protein for an excellent meal or get creative and make a yummy soup. I love the glass snap containers I bought from Costco. Someone suggested them on a group I am on and I am so happy I bought them. I bought two boxes and just have one set I am using and have one set unopened in the basement. When we move I will probably open the other set and part with a bunch of the plastic containers we use. On another thought we have been working with my son who is 9 who has been struggling for a while with melt downs and his "overwhelms" I call it. His diet has been so carb dense and sugar rich and I told my husband that we really needed to put the brakes on it and push him to have more outside time. My son fortunately is so smart and I approached him for the science behind fueling our bodies and how it can affect our emotions. He has been so open to eating more fruits and vegetables and has been a milk monster. I know it is not a perfect plan but the sugar from soda and other junk he was eating in the just the few days we have been doing this has dropped to almost nothing and he is requesting fruit, and carrots and broccoli for snacks and we are using the hot air popper for real popcorn rather than the microwave type. He is really digging that. We have also been going outside and spending time together either going on a quick walk, raking leaves, swinging...whatever...just being together outside rather than on an electronic device for a while. His demeanor has changed considerably. It's  nice. There is a long road to go as we need to work on meals and protein and what we are going to do to make his lunches  more suitable but baby steps in a positive direction. I will take what I can get. The other thing that is just on my mind this morning is something someone said today on one of my FB groups for Whole30. She mentioned that her biggest victory was breaking the urge to weigh herself and that she hadn't gotten on a scale since February of last year. That really made me think about the fact that I truly do judge myself by a number and I always have. I let what that number say on that scale determine how I feel about myself and if I am being successful or not. I have stopped to think that maybe I should consider the barometer of what I feel about myself should be just that....HOW DO I FEEL? Not what number is on the scale? How much weight have I lost? What size am I? Can I focus more on disconnecting from numbers? Would it be possible for me to attempt to really take a time out from the number on the scale, and focus on my real feelings and tune in to that? I have NEVER done that before....what would it be like to not judge myself by that number and let it determine my worth....this is a journey....years and years in the making. It took years to get me here...and will take such to undo the negative and rewire my brain. I know I can do it. I have one thing going for me and that is heart and determination and will power. The jist of all this jabber is I am going to make a commitment to me to try to give up weighing myself for a while beyond this Whole30 program. This round ends on the 13th of November and I was all set to find out how I did on the 14th but my first step will be leaping over that date and moving forward without checking my weight. I want to just go by how I feel and move ahead. I haven't decided if I will do a round 3 but I tend to think I may do that though unsure. I know at some point I will try to add in some things so that I can have some flexibility when I travel to Texas in February for my Dad's birthday and my birthday. I don't plan on splurging with my eating but I don't want to be so limited that I might have to eat something out and then end up sick. That is one of my fears. If my body has some acclimation to a few things perhaps that trip will go smoother. Sugar will NOT be something I add back. I have decided to live a sugar free life. Moving's a Saturday and plenty to do today including a nice long walk.

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