Wednesday, January 21, 2015


That means it's jump on the scale day. Admittedly I do that all week because I am obsessed. 194.8 today. Sunday was my Grandbaby's birthday and I am happy to report that I actually had a touch of cream cheese spinach dip, and just a touch of her cake and I didn't beat myself up over it. It felt really good. I am slipping in to a relaxed place of less anxiety and just working on what I need to work on. I walk, I eat good foods but I am also not so hard on myself either. It feels good. I have ordered two pair of "goal jeans". I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday and a new pair of jammies in size large. They are cute. I am just tired of things being huge. My goal jeans are 12's and my new jeans are 14's. I have a few other pair of 14's I wear but wanted another pair of jeans. Yesterday I went to a new place for a good walk and then a went to a little town near by to window shop. It was awesome just to get out and explore and have such good energy. This morning as I was heading down the basement stairs I was reminded of how hard it used to be to trudge down those stairs and now I can just bounce down them. Awesome.

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