Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The hill I hate....

I was walking today and took a different loop but it still brought me back to the infamous hill...this HILL. I need to give it a name but I haven't figured out what yet. Back in August I struggled up that darn hill and thought I'd never make it but I did. Now...I still push myself up that hill and I am 77 pounds lighter and I still don't like it. Ha!Ha! I tell myself it is all mental. One of these days I am just going to run up it and then turn around and say "take that! Hah!" Okay, probably not. It is going to be that one stupid hill that I will always climb that I allow myself to just dislike. The good thing is...even though I dislike it...I still walk it. It's a good hill....sometimes I chant "buns and thighs" because I know that is what it is good for and yes I do that in my best Arnold voice.

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