Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween! It's a "Boo-tiful" Day!

I bought candy that I knew I'd have no desire to eat! How awful is that? Wicked! That is how awful. Actually I think it is pretty smart of me. I have decided that the quickest way to eating something is to have it available so if you are afraid you might eat it, don't have it around.

I discovered something really good this week that is good for a chocolate fix! I found it at Target actually. It is called "Lavish Dark Chocolate Old Fashioned Instant Oatmeal With Flax". It is one of those tall skinny boxes with 5 pouches in it. It has 160 calories, has 3 g of Fiber and 12 sugar grams, and 3 of protein. So if I add a non fat vanilla yogurt with that in the morning, it's not a bad breakfast chases my chocolate beast away! So that makes me happy. It is warm and has little bits of chocolate morsels that melt in your mouth so it's quite tasty.

I have a crazy week so I had to sit down and figure out a menu that would work around Halloween, Church for the kids on Wednesday and my son's birthday on Thursday. (he is 6 and has declared he is having breakfast for dinner along with a giant sugar cookie) and then I will not be here on Friday or Saturday for I will be off in Aggieland finishing a wedding cake and enjoying a wedding. My entire week will involved working on this cake.

It is also a bit hard to work on a menu when I feel like at times I am swimming a bit up stream with the kids. I have one who doesn't like beef or pork or ground turkey. I have those who get sick of ground turkey and chicken all the time. Then I have the few who go ewww at ground venison. There is me who needs to lower her cholesterol and so I really need to avoid the beef as much as possible as well as pork or other cholesterol rich foods. Tough call huh?

Oh well, beans, beans, the magical fruit! They can eat them...and they can...keep eating them if they don't like whatever meat I cook! Ha!Ha!

Off to grate carrots, and start baking...and baking...and did I say? Baking? :)

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