Saturday, October 29, 2011

I just realized it was a year ago...

That I tried to get back to I was looking back at my posts and I tried to get back in gear a year ago but didn't. Is it the "time of the year"? Who knows. What a time to re-think health? Halloween Candy? Pumpkin bread? Pecan Brittle making time...and I am making a wedding cake so lots of gooey cream cheese frosting is about to abound. All that has not got to matter much to me because I figure all of that is all about life and that is what we live in. I can't take myself out of reality. So realistically I live in it but eat better.

I had a long day yesterday and found myself unloading and loading the dishwasher at Midnight! Any other time I would have NEVER been doing that. Afterwards I took a shower because I still had the energy and really wanted a shower and I thought about just 5ish days of eating better...I FEEL TREMENDOUSLY better. My energy level is up 75%.
That is awesome!

So it's Saturday, plenty to do...Mom Taxi has her routes planned out, as well as a wedding cake to plan out as I will be a baking fool next week. I also need to make meal plans for next week. It does take more thought and planning to figure out meals that are more nutritious.

Much to do...

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