Friday, October 28, 2011

My fingers can't find a title...

Uh...such an emotional week but it ends well for me with regards to my efforts to eat better.

I believe since my shoulder surgery in July I have dropped almost 20 pounds or pretty close to it. So that is a good start. My "goal" is to lose about 50 is more (just less that that) by the time we leave this summer for Seattle, so that gives me 7 months. I think that is plenty of time.

I have felt emotionally drained this week. I have felt drained for at least the last 8 months but more so for the last 6 months. It has felt the like the forces of darkness and evil have been trying to really harm my children and I am not okay with that. As a mother I will take any blows the world can throw but I ask that my children be spared...but I am learning I cannot shield them from everything and that really hurts. I want to protect them from everything and take all the pain but unfortunately I don't have the power to intercede. That fact has caused me so much heart ache. It wasn't until I held my very first little girl that it dawned on me in one moment that I finally found someone I would die for. I would give my life for my children. I don't know that they will ever know that until they have their very own and then they will "get it".

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