Sunday, January 17, 2010

I just don't even know where to begin....

I did it! I put that goal out in front of me and I reached it! I feel unbelievably blessed and amazed.

I had a tough time sleeping last night but probably got 4-5 hours. When I got up I ate my breakfast and showered and then waited patiently for the clock to strike so my sweetheart could get me to a friends home. I rode down with a buddy from church who had reserved a parking spot in a downtown garage. He is an inspiration as he had lost 65 pounds over the last year and he ran the full Marathon.

I had all kinds of butterflies this morning but when I got to the place to line up for the start...the tears started to come. It was so exciting to be there in this huge sea of people in anticipation of the cannon and the signal to start. I knew they all had their different reasons for being there and I felt like such a champion to be among them. When they counted down and the gun went off...I don't know if my feet were on the ground. Then I had so many runners come by and pat me on the back or give me a thumbs up, or tell me congratulations! That made the moments so much more poignant.

This was truly one of the funnest things I have ever done. It was a challenge but that didn't come close to the pure fun that I was having. I ran some, walked some, and waved at the crowds who lined the streets cheering us on. It was so cool as these complete strangers reached out for a high five or would call out my name as I passed by reading it off my bib. "Come on Amy Lee...your looking good!" "Yay Amy are almost there".

I had a great pace the whole time and finished in 3 hours 6 minutes. I had to take a 5 minute break to use the "port o potty" so I would have been there a little sooner. When you gotta go gotta go :)

I decided as the finish line came into my view that I wanted to run that last mile...I think that's when the tears, almost sobs began for the final lap. So I sailed down that last mile and came to the finish line as they called out my name! I DID IT!

I couldn't have done this a year ago and everything I have put in to loving myself and working hard was worth the many moments I had today. That finish line is my starting line to infinite possibilities. I'll do it again for sure. I'll do many things now that I never dreamed I could.

I am sore, I am exhausted and I am filled with pride! I reached my Mt. Everest and I can see forever from here.

So now..I keep working on me. I still have more weight I want to lose and will be working on that. I am going to start running and so running a 5K in the next 3 months or so will be my next goal. After I run a 5K then I will actually run a half marathon.

There's no stopping me now...

Good Night All...

Selfish Lady Sends


DANIELLE said...

I don't know how many times I can say it, but YOU'RE SO AMAZING!!! I seriously have tears just reading this entry. Congrats!!

Shannon said...

Absoluetly AGREED!! You are AMAZING, Amy. :)

EMILY said...

You are awesome Amy and I am proud of you! Great job! What an amazing thing you have accomplished! I am seriously in awe of you! You inspire ME!!