Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sometimes I secretly cheer...for others.

You probably had no idea I was watching you get on the treadmill. I was 15 ft. behind you pounding away on the elliptical but you caught my eye in your heather gray..."Just My Size" shirt and stretch jeans. I watched you climb on with such enthusiasm and punch away at the buttons and you started out with a jog. There you were a woman who is the size I once was busting out a jog strait out of the shoot and I was so inspired. I have to admit that I couldn't stop watching you as you swung your arms, punching the air and continued to do whatever you could to work out but it was getting hard. You started and stopped so many times but you didn't give up...It would have been easy to press that giant red S.T.O.P. button and make it all end. My heart was leaping out of me literally because I wanted to jump off my equipment and run to your side and tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS! I didn't want to be presumptuous, or impose so instead...I secretly cheered and prayed for you. You had no idea that behind you there was someone rooting you on...I have no idea who you are, what your name is, or even what your story is but I am your cheerleader and whenever I see you, all the energy and positive vibes I can send you, well it is all yours. People tell me I am their hero....well, the lady in the old gray t-shirt struggling through a couple of minutes on the treadmill is mine...because I know she will make it.

Thank you to all my cheerleaders out there! I love all of you and feel your support. It means a lot to me and it keeps me going when it gets hard sometimes. I am not always fueled by my own energy...sometimes I need some of yours.

Selfish Lady Sends.....

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sampson69cs said...

awwww this one brought tears to my eyes. You are such a sweet person and you are an inspiration:)