Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am a butterfly....

I have decided that is what I am. Butterflies have taken on a special significance for me now. I feel like I have been wrapped up in a cocoon for much too long...and now I have these beautiful wings that are just beginning to open up. I love going on my walks and seeing the butterflies as they land around me. They seem to speak to me or at least they speak to my heart.

My children are back in school and I am back on a schedule of walking longer walks and then 3 days in the gym a week. I just can't do cardio in the gym like other people do. I just rather do it outside if I can help it. Since I am training for the marathon the long stretches outdoors are better for me and give me a good idea of what I am looking at time wise, endurance wise, etc. I did 6 miles on Monday, and will probably do 4 tomorrow and concentrate on my speed rather than distance. Who knows...maybe I will take the advice of a friend and try to find a couple landmarks to run to and from...Surely there is a runner in me somewhere.

A gentleman named Roger from the Biggest Loser community board posted a video of his transformation as he changed his life and trained for the Boston Marathon. He did it to reach a life long goal, to gain back his health and to raise money for his niece who has cystic fybrosis. I just wept when I saw it. I hope he won't mind that I am posting the link on here for others to see because he is an inspiration. www.rfme.org

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