Monday, March 16, 2015

Yes, Goodwill can make me feel VICTORIOUS!

It's the small things really that matter and add up in life. You know I like to save a buck and generally I am a thrifty girl and that is why I like to rehab furniture. Those who really, REALLY know me will tell you that if I see something that is not beyond repair on the side of the road and I have some kind of vision for it...YUP! I am grabbin' it. However, this past week at Goodwill...I was not on a mission for furniture, it was jeans. Now I am a jeans snob and that is mainly because in my pursuit of good jean fit I have found a few brands that are ideal for my body type and they aren't cheap to buy new. So I search them out used and I hit the jackpot last week but the bigger jackpot was that I didn't even look at size 14's. I just tried on 12's. Every pair I tried on fit and I could have melted with joy in the dressing room. This is where I want to be. This is my "comfort" zone and my happy place and my confident area. 12 is my good to be number and so to just be able to find a couple of really cute, GAP jeans for the bargain basement price of $7.99 and they fit, well that is VICTORY!!!!! Totally happy dance worthy. I am in the end zone doing the the chicken dance! Then if that wasn't bargain and cool enough, I am on a site that is a "Buy Nothing" site and I scored a pair of size L, pima cotton Nordstrom PJ's. They kind of look like Grandpa Jamies and I love them. If anything I could probably do a size medium in those but it's all good. I am just bobbing along trying to do my thing, and eat well and feed my grumbling family the same. I get some kickback at times and am trying to find a balance between healthy and regular food. Whatever regular is. I bought a Costco pizza the other night and I ate two slices without a wink. If I am going to be able to maintain my weight I have to be able to do that or I won't succeed. It's is a learning process to blend and balance and find myself somewhere in the middle so I can be happy, healthy and feel like my world doesn't revolve around food. I have been walking and thinking which my norm and reminding myself that this is my new way of life. Taking a daily walk 5 days a week is my normal and it just has to be whether I feel like doing it or don't feel it like doing it. It is kind of like medicine and needing to take it. Truthfully, once I take walk that is....I always feel so much better and am glad I did. There are days I think I will just go for 3 miles but then I get to 3 and decide that I should push and when I do I know there is something in those extra miles that I need to work out. It is physical therapy for me and psycho therapy. There are times I break down and cry for reasons I know about and then no good reason. There are moments I want to just say hello to everyone because I am overwhelmed with happiness and I want to share it. I can only imagine what I leave on the pavement with each and every step I take because my heart gets pretty heavy sometimes but comes back lighter. There are days I wonder if all this weight I have lost is not just body but it is burden lifted. Who knows. I can't stop though and I must keep on and seek the small victories and the little joys.

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