Sunday, March 22, 2015

Go...even when you don't feel like it...just go...

It's Sunday and cloudy and just not a beautiful day. I really questioned myself as to whether or not I had a walk in me. I drug myself out of bed...late and begrudgingly put on my walking clothes but my heart was definitely still not in it. I guess I was hoping for an excuse not to go. I ate an apple for some added energy and I decided I couldn't put it off so I headed out. There are days like today that some kind of magic happens and things just seem to swing in a direction I don't expect. It is as if I am picked up by a rouge wave and carried away to a good place that makes me feel like I am successful. Any thought I had of keeping it short, or only going the minimum was shuttered by this great feeling of joy for what I was doing. in walking, in breathing, in moving in getting better. I use a program on my phone called "Mapmywalk" and I don't use it every time (because it uses data) but when I do it is such a lovely incentive to hear the monotone lady chime away the miles. Miles are getting easier and easier to click away and goals are getting bigger. So this post is here to remind me that on those days I don't feel like getting out...get out anyway...just go. I know just like today I will be glad I did.

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