Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Good Morning Wednesday.

I am so ready for the rainy season to end here. Ugh.... I woke up early to take my son to school and was greeted by a wet porch which means I have to hope it either clears for a little bit so I can walk...or I walk in the rain. I don't mind walking in mist but rain...well, I am not a fan. I always press on though...right now I am trying so hard to push through so rain OR shine, I need to go. I have a trip this week that will probably cut down some of my walking so I need to get in some miles before I go. I am super excited because I am flying to CA to visit my dearest friend. She is like my soul sister and I love her to pieces. We are wild, crazy ladies when we get together and have great fun. I love her. When I set out on this journey, I made certain rewards for myself and one of them was when I broke 200 pounds I wanted to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back. Now the GG is not a super long walk, in total about 3 miles doing the across and back but for me there is something symbolic about it. I have wanted to do this for a long time, and I wanted to do this with my buddy. The amazing, and most beautiful part of this is that my girlfriend has lost 140 something pounds herself (which makes me cry right now) and so we are crossing this bridge together. I can hardly wait to see that lady and give her skinny butt the biggest squeeze. The other brilliant and exciting part is that I have been watching the weather and it is sunny and warm there....oh heaven! I am even wearing shorts there. 5 days of warmth. Whatever am I going to do with that but revel in it. Maybe I will deliberately get a sunburn. Ha!Ha! I did get on the scale this morning because as much as I say I am going to NOT get on the scale...I am still having one hell of a time breaking that addiction. 182.8 which almost has me down 89 pounds. That makes me happy. It means it's moving and in a positive direction. I also feel like I am eating in such a way that works with my family but works with me. Exercise is a HUGE key and keeping my metabolism running at a pace that allows me to have a slice of pizza here or there, or eat a couple of potatoes (not fries, I never eat fries) but just not so rigid. I ALWAYS eat breakfast, have my daily chocolate and don't fret if there is a bowl of popcorn and I grab a handful. It used to be that I didn't allow myself that luxury and now I do. I am working hard to make sure that I can live happily in this world I am creating but I know that daily exercise is going to be the key to it all. When I get back from my trip I am going to explore a "PIYO" class. It is only 2 days a week and I guess it is sort of a yoga type of class but mixed with something else. (body pretzel making. Ha!Ha!) What a description, huh? The timing of it fits really well with my schedule and it might really be good for me and help me fill in a gap where the walking is not meeting all my goals. (cough!cough! muffin top!) I know I need to do more weight training but I just haven't been motivated to hang out in the dark, dreary basement and do weights lately. Would'a, could'a, should'a..... One other thing I really, REALLY need to work harder on is adding more water to my routine. I just don't drink enough water. I drink coffee, I drink Fresca but I don't drink water that much because it makes me feel bloated and my bladder is CRAZY. When I go walk in the mornings usually, I make 3 or 4 trips to the bathroom before I hit the door because my brain and a little bit my bladder thinks there is some drops of pee in there. If I am thinking that when I walk out the door then I am distracted the entire walk and it slows me down terribly. Water makes this worse. I take medicine for it but it doesn't help enough. I am just an old lady. Ha!Ha! Funny thing is....I can go out and shop for hours and not have to stop to pee for a while but if I am out brain goes to body functions for some reason. Weird.
May 10th, my son and I are signed up to do the Color Run though we will be walking. It's a 5K. That will be a total blast. That is my Mother's Day morning! Fun!Fun! I am also going to sign up for the second Half Marathon of my life which will occur in October. That will be cold and wet I am sure. I will probably walk/jog that one. It is close enough to home that I can get dropped off and we don't have to worry about parking and I can practice some of the route before hand. I am looking forward to working on that. day has to start. Loads to do today as I get ready to "go back to Cali" tomorrow. Yee-Haw! For anyone that actually reads this....LOVE YOURSELF and hang in there. Any small effort you make to take back your life is worth it. I promise. It's worth it.

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