Thursday, September 24, 2009

Such a difference

Sometimes it's hard to see just how much I have changed unless I can put these images side by side. So I thought I would do that for you. What a difference, huh?

Lately, I have enjoyed walking with a friend who has been working on making some changes in her life. We went to the store together and I showed her some "good things" that might help her on her journey. I am so happy to be given that opportunity because I want to help and I want to share what I know. This is the greatest gift I have given myself...and I just want to pass it along.
It's too amazing not too. :)


Andrea said...

You look amazing! Keep up the good work! (luvmy2cuties :)

ivygirl said...

Wow you look GREAT! What are you doing, anything specific?

Teri said...

Even your wall looks happier!!