Monday, December 29, 2008

Oil is muey importante!

Yeah, fiber is important but so is fat...because you'd think as much fiber as this girl eats and as much water as I drink....well...things would always go smoothly shall we say....but nope....body does need a certain amount of fat...the healthy kind. So gotta make sure I get plenty of that and am not scrimpin!

We leave tomorrow for Mississippi for New Years. I have my plans for what I am going to eat and my snacks all fixed up. I have whole wheat bread rising and I am going to going to grill some chicken this afternoon for snacks and chicken salad for the road. The trip should be a 8 hour trip but always takes MUCH longer. I wish we could all wear depends and pretend we are astronauts in love and just get there........hahahahahaha.

I made some Mojito Chicken the other night that was the bomb! I miss a store we had in California and MA called Trader Joes. They had a simmering sauce called Mojito Sauce. I understand they don't sell it anymore. Well, I did my best to imitate it and I must was a pretty close match. It was a mixture of fresh orange juice, lime juice, lots of garlic, onion, cilantro, cumin, oregano, black pepper and sea salt with a small amount of olive oil, and some cider vinegar. We had it with black beans and rice. Well, they had the rice...I had mine with wheat berries of white rice for me.

I was telling Kent this morning since I have changed what I eat and workout everyday...I can't sleep in anymore. I am just really tired. I am definitely tired at night and sleep very well at night. In the mornings however...I just don't feel like I used to and can't go back to sleep or sleep late. Energy makes energy. That's a good thing. He says he noticed I don't snore either. Funny how just 20 pounds can change something like that. I remember when I used to wake up sort of catching my breath as if I had been crying or something....that doesn't happen any more. Change is good...It's all good.

I am looking forward to Mississippi. I do love being out in the country and it seems like there is nothing to worry about. We don't really mess with the internet because it's not worth's too slow. TV isn't worth watching. My inlaws have a horse now...there is cows...a pony...chickens.....My mother in law lets the kids just have fun and be kids.....not much is off limits to them. She's a fun grandma...and fixes all their favorites. I'll have to get creative in my workout....find a road to walk up and down but I'll do problems there. I am getting up at 5 in the morning to go work out before we leave so that takes care of tomorrow. I will work out after we get back...on just have to make sure I work out Wednesday and Thursday while we are there.

Off to pack and clean out the car and get everything ready to rock and roll!

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EMILY said...

um, i need this mojito chicken recipe. do you have it written down with amounts? if you do would you email it to me?