Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's not Wednesday..... a day late....oh well. This bad cold, bronchial mess has kicked my tail AND taken my 9 year old as it's latest victim. I haven't walked in a week or been to the gym and I am so miserable about that. I weighed in today at 176 pounds so I have managed to keep the weight down. So my current weight lost since July now stands at 95.6. I set my goal to get to somewhere between 175 and 170 pounds so I am oh so close. However I just feel like I am in this space that is a good place now to really change now and become strong. I need to get matter what I am going walking and to the gym and little dude is going to school. I will say I have worked hard around the house today so for being "down" I have still kept moving. I hope my older son doesn't have a fit when he comes home and discovers I super cleaned his room. LOL :)
Lately though...I have been having issues with worry about the future and our next move. I know I need to be careful because it is not even summer, we won't move until the following summer AND I am already letting the OVERWHELM creep in. I suppose I can use this to my advantage and take it to the pavement and walk it out but is going to drive me a bit mad. I am a worrier, and a planner and a control freak when it comes to some things. I hate moving, I hate this year before and I hate the process especially now when I have just things that will have to be dealt with before hand. :(
I need to remember to rely on my Heavenly Father because I know he will smooth it all out. It will all be okay.

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