Friday, April 30, 2010

Just thoughts...that's all....

Yesterday I was pondering...and I was thinking about one of my favorite blogs. I thought about how amazing it is and how I wish I had such gifts and talents and yada, yada,yada. I thought about other friends of mine and all the super things about them that I believe make them remarkable and how I wish I had bits and pieces of them. I found myself pushing "ME" way down on the "TOTEM" feet resting on my head shoving down, down,down. I was like "what in the heck!" I don't know why I do that. This blog I write is not for the masses or for the few friends of mine that may read it here and there, it is for me. So if it is not as amazing as I may find other blogs, then WHATEVER! I am plicking and plucking through something in my life right now that I find so incredibly difficult but so real. The journey to ME. (Where is my Space Odyssey Theme music when I need it) The story I write MINE! The words...MINE. The thoughts....MINE! The "Totem" pole needs to have MY many different weird faces on all stages of this race I run for my life.

So on to another crazy thought as I was trying to do some housecleaning A.D.D. style yesterday. Good Golly Miss Molly. It hit me as I had gone from hanging a few clothes in the closet to going straight in to the shower and started scrubbing randomly that it made no sense whatsoever what I was doing. I thought...I ought to make a video on "youtube" about this. No wonder it takes so freakin long to accomplish anything because I am here, there and EVERYWHERE....constantly. I am sure if any one where to sit and watch the method to my madness they would be completely confused because honestly there is no's just complete madness...mwhahahahaha.... That is why those that love me....JUST LOVE ME!

Oh well...It's Friday and I have had an awesome week...down like 6 pounds even though I should not be keeping track of that but I am. My pants are still TOO tight but that will change soon. My daughter's prom is tomorrow and I am off this weekend and will enjoy being with my family.

Selfish Lady Sends.


EMILY said...

we all have different talents. and blogs aren't a true representation of reality...people can seem to be things they are not. you are an inspiration to me of losing weight. that is a talent!

The Silly Witch said...

YOU are amazing. I'm so glad that you blog. Your journey is real. People need to hear it.