Monday, April 26, 2010

The "pendulum" hath swung.........

and it "hath" gonged me right up side the head! Do you wanna know what I did today? I stood in the doorway of my bathroom and stared across it at the scale on the other side just sitting on the floor. It kinda reminded me of a spaghetti western and we were in the middle of town about to have a shoot out...just me...and that ol' dusty scale! I stepped a little closer...a little closer still...and before it could move, I held my breath, closed my eyes and I hopped on it to hold it down. I slowly opened one eye and looked straight ahead and realized that I was still alive. I was standing on the scale and I was still alive and breathing. This was a big thing! I opened the other eye and realized that I could indeed still see and the dizzying affects of standing on a lonely, dusty scale had only temporarily rendered me blind. Of course I knew what that meant for I very gently let my chin fall south and sort of squeenched up my face so I wouldn't get the full on "vision" of that digital read out that was about pop out at me. I slowly relaxed and let it come in to view and well...there it was........DAMN! I might as well have been shot in a draw because OUCH! That just hurts! Here.......I am going to silently mutter all kinds of bad words
Alright I am done! I must say however I am so glad that I did it! I think one of my biggest faults lately has been NOT doing what I know I should be TO THE EXTREME TIMES PIE! (including some pie too! LOL) That includes not regularly getting on the scale and knowing where I stand.
So today's post is not full of promises or anything even though I have lots of grand schemes rolling around my heart and head. Today's post is just a REVELATION or a confession!
We will see what tomorrow brings.
Selfish Lady Sends...

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