Thursday, November 12, 2009

Candles and A Bubble Bath

What a lucky girl I am. Do I say that enough? I got to cuddle Justin last night. I am grateful for the nights he lets me because on the nights I have to work I miss out on those little snuggles. I must have fallen asleep and woke up to someone tugging on my leg. Kent woke me up and when I came downstairs and in our room I smelled the distinct smell of burned matches. I didn't see any lit candles in our room but soon found a bathtub filled with hot water and candles all set up for me. What a great guy! After a day of baking all day long. (114 cupcakes, coconut cream pie and 3 homemade whole wheat pizzas) I was wiped out tired! He's a keeper!

By the way...cupcakes went to my daughter's school for a dinner-fund raiser, the coconut cream pie went to a friend and the pizza was for our family! It was really good pizza too if I don't say so myself! :)

Selfish Lady Sends...

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