Monday, January 6, 2014

It's been a while....

This year has just been weird. This has been our second year here in the PACNW and I don't know if it's location, this funky cabin/house we live in or what. My enthusiasm for "HERE" is fleeting and I just am tired. I am also tired of being in the place where I am at physically because I am miserable. It is not just "asthetics", it is physically miserable on top of the shitty self esteem. After thinking, and mulling it over for a while now I decided that I am going to do something this year. Yep, a resolution. A simple one. MOVE MORE/EAT LESS. One of the reasons why I am as miserable as I am is because I don't get out an walk as I love to do. So I am committing myself to go 3 x's a week to do that for however long I want. I don't care if it is 10 minutes or turns in to 2 hours. The point for me is that I spent it moving. My eating I am trying to change some toward the more high fiber, lower fat, more veg, fruit, lean meat and such as I used to eat. I just don't want to go nuts. If I go nuts then I will for not it is MOVE MORE/EAT LESS and I will see how it goes.

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