Monday, May 3, 2010

My Own "Terabithia"

Today I woke and decided that I'd face the week head on. My weekend was fun with my parents here for a visit. I got to dress my daughter for a prom and she was a "stunner" and I attended my other daughter's piano recital where the music gave me chills. It was an all around great weekend. Of course it was "highlighted" by hamburgers, dip, chips, tacos and muffins and a beautiful coconut cream pie that I made. Suffice it to say I enjoyed myself.

It's a new day week.

I got up this morning and stepped on the scale so I knew where I was starting off, got out my workout shorts and a trusty "T" and then laced up my shoes. After I played "taxi" I slipped away to my favorite walking place. This is "My Terabithia". I love this place. The smell of honeysuckle just filled my lungs, and the squirrels kept me on my toes as they made the pine straw move suddenly. The turtles were out getting their daily sun as the beams of light jetted through the trees. Every once in a while a leaf would sail down to the ground like a lost snow flake. I love walking through the arched canopies that are made by trees and vines that have bent over time. It is as if I am some sort of royalty in the forest and the red birds, and the blue jays are singing an anthem to me as I walk. I honestly started to cry a little. It was just a little. My heart was heavy for just a moment because I was saddened that I had robbed myself of these moments. I find peace in this. I find peace in trying hard to do what is best for me. I sat on a stump by the lake and said a prayer and thanked my Heavenly Father for the beauty that he has blessed me with in this earth. I also asked him forgiveness because lately I feel like "the little girl lost in the woods" and I have made A LOT of mistakes. The only thing I can do is "renew" and start little step at a time but in the right direction.....towards good things.


The Silly Witch said...

That was an amazing post. You'll have to show your spot to me some time.

Shannon said...

What a gorgeous place you have! Thank you for sharing. :)