Monday, May 17, 2010

Once upon a time....

there was a little girl who I held up on my knees while I gave her a bath with Mommy for the first time. It was just she and I and no one else seemed to matter. I was in awe of this dark haired, blue eyed newborn beauty who was staring back at me. I remember feeling so humbled that Heavenly Father had chosen me to be this perfect little person's Mom. Then it happened, she looked at me and she smiled. It wasn't one of those sleepy smiles that makes you wonder what they could be dreaming of. It was a smile for me...a recognition. She melted me that day and I knew beyond a doubt for the first time a kind of love I'd never known before. I knew that I would do anything for her, give everything to her, lay down my life for her. I knew in that single moment that I was a Mother and she was a gift that I had been in trusted with.

My little girl has grown in to an amazing young woman. Life with her has been a blast some moments, heart breaking at others. She has been my hero and there were times she fought to defend me when a little girl never should. She has been purple hair, banana suit, crazy dancing around the living room girl. She has been the girl who cried out to me because she felt different from others and struggled to find herself and friends that would love her. She has been messy rooms, and artistic and compassion fills her in abundance. She is a beauty who loves me to dress her up, fix her hair, put make up on her face. She trusts me and sends me back often to that first smile.

She was my baby. I made mistakes and have said or done things that I regret. She has loved me and found ways to forgive me as I have struggled through this thing called "Motherhood" with her. Now she stands on the threshold of new adventures and growing up and I wonder where my little girl went. I love her and pray for her. I am so proud of her and know that she will go and take on the world with passion.

I am honored to be your Mom, Kelley. If there is one thing that I hope you know is that you are loved beyond what there are words to describe. I pray you will live your life to the crazy fullest. Follow your heart and DREAM BIG!!! Live your life with no regrets! If you make mistakes then get up, learn from them and move on. All that we do in life shapes us and gives us experience.
Remember what I have always told you, and that is I will always be here for you. I'd fight the devil himself to protect you kiddo and there is nothing that we can't handle. This is how it will always be...I'll always be here for you.

Congratulations my 2010 graduate. Big, Big things are waiting for you out there! Have a colorful, crazy life and paint it amazing!
I love you my Kelley "Belle"!



judyca said...

(I have tears in my eyes) You're an amazing Mother and she's an amazing young woman. I love you both, Judy

DANIELLE said...

HURRAH for Kelly!!!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

What a heartwarming tear jerking post. Congratulations to your baby. You have certainly raised her with lots of love. I can tell just reading that.