Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 59....just one day left and thank goodness....

I know I said I was going to blog everyday but that just didn't happen. This round has been hard. I have been bored and I am ready for it to be over with. I am not looking forward to reintroduction because it feels like it means just more waiting for this to be over. So many things have been better since I started the Whole30 program and that is great. I don't crave and my sugar dragons are gone. I can get by on three meals a day which is awesome. I have decided though that I am ready to incorporate a non-processed approach to food that includes some items that are not allowed on Whole30. Sugar, however won't be one of them. Sugar for me will be a big no. It doesn't mean a just means for the most part I am off sugar. I haven't decided on the dairy. I drink a lot of coffee and putting coconut milk in it still bothers me because of the high fat even though it is a healthy fat. I need to really do my research as to which is the lesser of two evils...a high fat, high calorie, healthy fat or a lower calorie, non-fat choice which nutritionally is iffy. I don't eat that much cheese so I don't really need to add dairy for cheese. Lots of things for me to think about but I am on my way. Grains and legumes for sure in moderation and mostly a plant based, protein and healthy vegetable carb. based diet. 60 and boom...onward ho!

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